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Weapon Spotted On Campus

At 3:23pm on Tuesday a black man wearing a grey shirt with black sleeves and black pants was seen on campus with a weapon.

The University of Houston and Pasadena Police Department are currently urging students to stay away from the Athletic Alumni, Baseball Field, and Stadium Complexes.

Students on campus are urged to stay indoors, and if not on campus, to stay away until further notice.

The Pasadena Police Department was unavailable for comment at this time.

This story is ongoing.

Updated: 3:40pm

The suspect is wanted for an armed robbery in Pasadena on Tuesday afternoon, officers on scene confirm. Suspect is considered armed and dangerous.

Updated: 3:54pm

UHPD had just cancelled the alert for the suspect on campus. After searching the Athletic Complex and other affected areas, the UHPD has determined the suspect is no longer in vicinity of campus, and it is safe to return to normal activity.

Updated: 4:07pm

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