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Was Avengers: Endgame Worth the 11 Year Build Up? – Coog Cinema Reviews

Long story short, this last Avengers film is pretty good. Not great, not spectacular, and not revolutionary in any way, but pretty good. However, since delving into what I liked and didn’t like primarily revolves around spoilers, I’m instead going to focus on how Endgame works as a conclusion to the past decade of build-up in the MCU. Now, it’s easy, for me at least, to feel disinterested towards Marvel movies most of the time. Despite growing up with them, they haven’t aged gracefully and tend to be, on the whole, bland yet enjoyable. Kind of like oatmeal, some are better than others. Spider-Man Homecoming, for example, can be compared to brown sugar cinnamon, while Thor: The Dark World is like Strawberries and Cream in that it makes me sick to my stomach. However, what the MCU has done over the past ten years is actually fairly ambitious and experimental, as no one has tried to make a series of movies this connected and interlinked before. Much like the comics they’re based on, the sum of these movies is much greater than the individual parts. As a result, Endgame has a lot of pressure riding on its shoulders to stick the landing, functioning more as the final issue of a comic book arc than a standalone film. Judging in on its own merits is difficult, considering how important everything that came before it is to its success. Thankfully, I’m happy to report that Anthony and Joe Russo have crafted a finale that will be satisfying to practically every die-hard Marvel fan out there, giving much needed and much sought after payoff to all of the threads that have been set up over the past decade. For people like me who are largely apathetic to the MCU, however, there will be large, glaring issues in its storytelling and the presentation of its final act. Since I’m sticking to my promise of remaining spoiler-free for this review, lets just say that there’s a specific subject that the plot of this film revolves around that is an immensely slippery slope. I’m a sucker for this genre of sci-fi and it was disheartening to me to see all logic regarding this subject thrown out of the window. Considering how messy it would be, they don’t even try to have it make any sense, establishing early on that their foray into this subject won’t be like “this movie” or “that movie” without offering another solution to the issues that this subject presents. Additionally, the action is a remarkably mixed bag. Some scenes are satisfying one-shot sequences of fluid, fun, fast action whereas some scenes are interspersed with so many quick-cuts and so much CG dust that I was dealing with more whiplash than Tony Stark in Iron Man 2. It didn’t help that the more jarring scenes featured too many moving parts to feel cohesive in any way. The emotional beats in this film are well-presented, but one of them in particular makes no sense whatsoever and feels like a cheap way to tug at the audience’s heart strings because, hey, why not? That being said, the first and second act of this film are incredibly entertaining to watch as it focuses primarily on the interactions between these characters that we’ve all grown to know and love over the years. Especially as they grapple with the trauma and fallout from Infinity War’s conclusion.The strength of these heroes’ personalities, and how they can conflict with one another, has always been one of the strongest aspects of the MCU. Plus, the actors all seem like they’re having a blast, giving one last hurrah to a role they deeply care for before hanging up their costumes and retiring for good. Although the movie is well-paced, though, it’s difficult not to feel the length of it. Three hours is a lot for any film, no matter how entertaining it is, and with a lack of an intermission my bladder felt like it was going to burst from my body and start chastising me for neglecting its needs. Overall though, despite my issues with the direction of the plot and some of the technical aspects, this is a satisfying conclusion to this series. If you’re a fan, you’re going to love this. Final Verdict: 6/10

Written by: Dominic Dold

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