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The message of Jordan Peele’s comic-thriller film, Us is essentially every black bunny estranged in society is coming to destroy us, and we deserve it. No pun intended. Watch the movie and you’ll understand. In the movie ‘us’ Peele allies viewers with a middle-class American family of four, the Wilsons, versus their evil doppelgangers. The evil doppelgangers have been alienated in a mysterious, hidden piece of the city. Removed from the comforts of society. “They”-mother, father and two children appear one night in the Wilsons’ driveway wearing blood-red jumpsuits and holding large golden scissors, and no those scissors weren’t for construction paper! This is when the thrilling begins. The leading cast is no other than the vibrant Lupita Nyong’O, hilarious Winston Duke, and children; Anna Diop, and Evan Alex. Along with, Shahadi Wright Joseph, Tim Heidecker, Eliabeth Moss, and twins, Noelle and Cali Sheldon. Us is different Get Out. It is not as original as Get Out. However the character depiction in this comic-thriller was extremely creative. I personally enjoyed Get Out which was Peele’s debut as a writer and director. Even if Peele decided to do a Cartoon I would’ve waited in line to watch. In comparison, Get Out was a sarcastic critique of racial stereotypes and assumptions, masked in a comic-horror. Us reverses this idea. Us is a smart, complexly structured take on that genre, with a message that is plain and deep. There was biblical reference in the movie, and for religious viewers it might raise eyebrows as it did mine and convince you to leave the theater flipping through the bible to understand the reference that almost appeared to be a hidden detail. If I had to rate this on a letter sale. I would give this movie a solid A-, on a number scale, a solid 8.5 rating.

Written by: Alexandria Brianna

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