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Teen Titans GO to the Movies! BEST DC Movie? – Coog Cinema Reviews

Teen Titans Go To the Movies! Is Warner Brothers’ most recent animated film and was released in theaters on Friday July 27th. The film stars many of the original voice actors from the cartoons including Tara Strong and Greg Cipes. The film follows the story of our favorite five teen superheroes, Robin, Raven, Starfire, Cyborg and Beastboy as they notice every super hero around them is getting their own movie. Robin feels discouraged that noone has offered to give him his own movie and wonders why no one takes the Teen Titans seriously. In order to prove that the Teen Titans are real superheroes that deserve their own movie, the team sets off to get themselves an official arch nemesis.

This film is a fascinating concept seeing as how it is not aiming to teach kids a message, at times feels like it has no purpose, and is somewhat scattered as things appear to randomly take place. However, this movie surprisingly works in this style! The writers are fully aware that this movie is not to be taken seriously and therefore take many comedic risks that pay off extremely well. From taking several shots at DC, Marvel, themselves, and Hollywood in general the humor is written for fans of all ages. There are several references to well known pop culture scenes that get twisted in a comedic way for the purpose of the plot. Although the characters are primarily aimed at children and behave as such, the movie does a nice job of also targeting its jokes and references at things only adults can understand. Because of this, I think the movie is a great balance between being aimed at kids and being aimed at teens and adults.

One of the interesting aspects that this movie took advantage of was its 2D animation style. They did not stick to one type of animation and frequently, when interpreting certain scenes, they would change the style of the 2D animation to match the comedic tone. Just like one would expect in a cartoon, the characters’ movements and facial expressions are all exaggerated and played around with. The movie did a great job of capturing the nostalgia of the original Teen Titans animated show through fight scenes with Slade and subtle cameos of old characters that were associated with the old show. There is a very well done end credit scene that is extremely captivating and had everyone in the theater applauding. My biggest recommendation would be to go see this movie in theaters before the internet has the chance to spoil the scene for you. Overall, this is a very enjoyable family film that any fan of Teen Titans will enjoy and I strongly recommend going and supporting it in theaters.

Written by, Kiyan Badkoubeh

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