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“Sorry To Bother You” was a film that really no one expected. Even if you came into the
movie with already having seen the trailer and having read the summary about it, it’s really
nothing that you could ever expect.  it highlighted a lot of issues, such as racism, labor exploitation, and capitalism. The way it went about these problems, it went about them in a very blunt
way, it was very in-your-face. it was also extremely funny throughout the film, I felt like there were just great humorous
moments in every scene. Another thing that I really enjoyed is that there are a couple of ways you could watch this film. You
could watch it from the metaphorical point of view, and taking every scene and thinking about
the deeper meaning to it, or you could take each scene and watch it for exactly what it was and
assume that it’s just sitting in front of you. If I were to give it a rating out of 10, because I’ve never seen anything like it, I would give it an 8.7 out of 10.

Written by Justice Al-Hmoud


This movie I would definitely say was not a traditional movie. One of the things I really
liked about it is it didn’t have this formula to it, it was very unconventional compared to other
movies. Nothing in it was extra or unnecessary, it cut between scenes and left out anything that
you didn’t need to develop the story. I liked how it was very thought-provoking, that was one of the things that really sat
with me. The entire movie was basically in my mind ever since I saw it, so that is definitely a big
factor in my rating. I would rate the movie an 8.5 out of 10. I think it had a lot of good social and
political commentary and the way it went about presenting it to the viewer was in a very, I
think, influential and impactful way.

Written by Mady Chidester

Hosted by: Mady Chidester and Justice Al-Hmoud
Directed and Edited by: Eduardo Flores
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