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Ralph Breaks the Internet. Should Disney make more sequels? – Coog Cinema Reviews


With the hit or miss quality of many sequels, I had high hopes that Disney would pull this off better than most. The first couple of minutes were a little disappointing. It felt like the beginning of the movie was an out of nowhere justification of why the movie should exist, instead of just simply being known. However, once the movie shifted into the world of WiFi it really took off. The animation was absolutely beautiful with amazing coloring and use of different styles. It was nice seeing the comparison of realistic styles of animation for Shank to the cartoon like animation for KnowsMore. Seeing all the little nods to different internet apps and websites was also really exciting. Finding all the little “easter eggs”  throughout the scenes was quite fun. The overall message of the movie is a wonderful thing to teach children. Not only does it speak on jealousy but jealousy between friends, something we don’t see very often. Although the ending is not one that you want or expect, it is the happiest ending for all characters while also teaching a valuable lesson.

Written by, Diane Baumann

Hosted by: Kiyan Badkoubeh & Diane Baumann
Directed by: Eduardo Flores
Edited by: Kiyan Badkoubeh
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