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Ocean’s 8 – Coog Cinema Reviews

Oceans 8 is the 4th installment in the oceans series. The film diverged from the franchises original formula by having an all-female cast. Lead by Sandra bullock, the sister of the famed con man from previous installments Danny Ocean.

As someone who has only seen a few heist movies (none of this franchises previous installments included) there were certain moments that seemed all too familiar. The film was definitely carried by its all-star cast which was forgivable thanks to a fun but safe script.

When the cast of a film has 4 Oscars, 7 Golden Globes, 3 Emmys, and 9 Grammys combined it’s hard not show interest. Going into the film I was curious to see how the actresses played off of each other. Kate Blanchett plays the role of the co-leader alongside bullock. The supporting cast include other notable women including: Rihanna, Mindy Kaling, Helena Bonham Carter, Anne Hathaway, Sarah Paulson, and Awkwafina. While it was fun to see the dynamic between these ladies, I couldnt help but feel they were playing themselves. Which is forgivable because who doesn’t want to see their favorite celebs plan a heist? Speaking of celebrities Ocean’s 8 is filled with lots of fun cameos from the likes of the Kardashians to Famous athletes.

The theme of female empowerment in the film was apparent throughout without being too on the nose. There were definitely lines and moments that reflect the current resurgence of feminism in the public eye, something I was betting on coming in. It makes me wonder if this was the reasoning behind the film’s lack of major conflict. While there were certain hiccups, none of the conflicts seemed real; leading me to believe the film was going for more of an early 2000’s feel good heist movie.

This film is a solid 3 out of 5. Gary Ross has a tendency to make films that are just right but fail to go the extra mile. I enjoyed Ocean’s 8 and wouldn’t mind watching it again while flipping through channels on a Saturday afternoon, which seems to be the general consensus for the other installments in the series. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a fun way to kill 2 hours in an air conditioned space this summer.

Written by Ahmad Wilson

Directed by Eduardo Flores
Edited by Eduardo Flores
Hosted by Ahmad Wilson

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