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The Law Center now has its own convenience store that brings a twist to the usual convenience stores we see on campus. The new store opened Monday December 4th, replacing what used to be a Subway. According to Jordyn Chaffold, the Vice Chair of the Food Service Advisory Committee, “the subway was not bringing enough money” with only law students using it. With the old subway included, there were already three subways located on campus, according to Chaffold the third one was not as needed. This new convenience store plans to use a self-checkout system, which will make purchasing items in the law center much easier for the students.

The self-checkout is not yet in full effect, but plans to be running as soon as possible. As of Tuesday, December 12th there is a regular check out process going on. This service will include several paying methods including paying with cougar cash. The self-checkout screen does include a camera, but Chartwells hopes that students will follow the honor system. There will also be someone working there to monitor the store and help students in case they run into a problem with the self-checkout system.

According to Vanesa Martinez, a senior Engineering major, this new project “is very convenient” and “brings a new dimension to the student life.” This method is being tested in a small sample size, and if successful in the law center, there is hope it could possibly expand to the rest of the university. If you’re ever around, be sure to stop by and check out this new convenience store now open in the Law Center.

Written by Viridiana Fernandez

Hosted & Edited by: Viridiana Fernandez​

Directed by: Kiyan Badkoubeh​

Special thanks to: Jordyn Chaffold​

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