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Isle of Dogs was another Wes Anderson masterpiece. The movie was very well crafted with its fast, but quirky dialogue and the excellent framing of composition that Anderson is known for. The controversy of the film was that people felt like it did not represent the Japanese culture very well, by also making fun of them. I personally think they were represented just fine and the non-use of subtitles for the Japanese characters made it all the more funny. With all of that said, Isle of Dogs was one of Anderson’s best movies and if you are a TRUE Wes Anderson fan, then i feel you would be pleased on how this movie was put together. 8.5/10

Written by: Lucas Tribble

Isle of Dogs is Wes Anderson’s most recent attempt at making an animated feature film. The film takes place in future Japan and follows the story of Atari, a young boy whose dog has been exiled along with every other dog in Japan, as he escapes to go on a search and rescue mission to find his dog Spots. As one of the few animated movies in recent years made with stop motion animation, this movie certainly uses that to its advantage and highlights the artistic value of using stop motion animation combined with Wes Anderson’s unique style of directing. The film’s biggest strength is seen in the development of its characters and the story itself. Capturing audiences with an engaging story that keeps viewers attached emotionally drives the film to the point where certain visually displeasing scenes can be overlooked because of how well done the story is. This movie is very accurately rated PG-13, seeing as how some scenes are considered more graphic compared to what one usually encounters in an animated film. Overall, this film was a pleasant surprise for myself considering it was my first time watching a Wes Anderson film. I thoroughly enjoyed going on the adventure with this film and strongly recommend seeing it while it is still in Theaters. 8/10

Written by: Kiyan Badkoubeh

Hosted by: Lucas Tribble and Kiyan Badkoubeh
Directed and Edited by: Eduardo Flores

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