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Incredibles 2! Better Than The Original? – Coog Cinema Reviews

On June 15th, 2018, Disney Pixar released the highly anticipated sequel to the Incredibles titled Incredibles 2. Incredibles 2 takes place right where the first movie left off, showing us what actually happens during the fight against the Underminer. Following the aftermath though, the Parr family has to face the fact that superheroes are still illegal. When a company offers Elastigirl (voiced by Holly Hunter) a job to help make supers legal again, Mr. Incredible (voiced by Craig T Nelson) is left to watch and take care of the children. Now that the time is finally here and Incredibles 2 is upon us, was it worth the 14 year wait? Did Pixar find a way to out do the first Incredibles?

At first watch through, this movie is everything that fans desired from an Incredibles sequel. There’s incredible action sequences, hilarious comedy, the characters do more with their powers, and of course baby Jack Jack gets much more screen time. However, when you take a step back and start really looking at the movie you just watched, it becomes apparent that the story and plot of the movie had noticeable flaws. The most apparent flaw was the plot’s predictability. The plot also lacked full development in its themes and characters. Many characters felt thrown in and served little purpose to the plot while the characters we knew and loved had story arcs that were started but never strongly finished. The writing felt like the first two thirds were well thought out and planned but as the movie approached its final act, certain lines and plot points felt rushed and thrown out.

With all that said, this movie was still a really good movie and thrilling experience. A lot of that is attributed to Pixar’s amazing animation team that made every action sequence and every still moment so mesmerizing to look at. The attention to detail is all there and grandeur of imagination that one feels during the action sequences and world we are exposed to does not disappoint. They really utilize this sequel to show us the world of the city that the Incredibles live in which leads to exciting sequences involving trains, boats, explosions etc. Just like the first film, Michael Giacchino did a fantastic job with the musical score of the film.

Overall, this is definitely another good pixar film, just not the greatest. It is action packed, family friendly, and a solid seven out of ten. I definitely recommend going and watching this film in theaters!  

Written By, Kiyan Badkoubeh

Hosted & Edited by: Kiyan Badkoubeh

Directed by: Eduardo Flores

Crew: Madeleine Willars


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