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Impulse “Pilot” – Coog Cinema Reviews

Finding the words to describe this show is difficult. After seeing the first episode of this show ultimately I would not give it any more chances. The biggest problem I had with this pilot was the amount of things packed into it. Conflicts ranging from toxic household, stereotypical high school, bullying, and even drug ring! I choose to leave one conflict out for the viewer to see for themselves (If you are affected by sexual assault please prepare yourself). I will say that not only is the main character unlikable, but almost every other character is as well. I found myself only caring about the main character’s step father, and he is a secondary character! Acting wise we get a mixed bag. The main character is fine but I find the delivery of some secondary characters just horrid. Head scratching scenes, unlikable cast, multiple conflicts packed into one 48 minute episode was just too much for me to go on. I will give the pilot episode of Impulse a 3/10, only because some moments were so bad I found them hilarious (which isn’t a good thing). If you find yourself curious and are willing to spend money on the subscription for Youtube red, then go ahead and watch this entire series. Ultimately I hope for the viewer’s sake, this show gets better. 3/10

Written by Eduardo Flores JR

Hosted by: Eduardo Flores JR and Kiyan Badkoubeh

Camera Operator: Derek Dziedzic

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