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HR 2: “Octopuses” – Coog Cinema Shorts

A followup to 2017’s Human Resources, we continue the story of the student-run HR department led by the aloof and out-of-touch Bjork as they embark on a new endeavor: the acquisition of an octopus.

Written by: Jeremy Amorin & Vinh Hoang

Directed by: Vinh Hoang
1st AD: Raza Waqif

Director of Photography: Raza Waqif
Camera Operators: Alexander Brovig, Daniel Cuevas

Cast- Kiyan Badkoubeh, Amy Tang, David O’Bar, Gabe Theis, Isaiah Gonzalez, Kayla Washington, Chris Smith, Daniel Cuevas, Destinie Holiday, Natasha Ero, Willis Maritz

Edited by: Raza Waqif
Additional Post-Production Work by: Alexander Brovig, Daniel Cuevas, William & Harry Vu
Lead Audio Technician: Ruchi Bhakata
Production Assistants: Christian Su, Jess Henderson, Rafael Elorza

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