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Hereditary is a family drama intermixed with a frightening horror that follows Annie (Toni Collette) as she navigates through family issues and personal trauma following her mother’s death. This is the directorial debut for Ari Aster yet the stylistic choices mimic those of a veteran.

The film demands your attention and respect throughout. Gone are the false and forced jump scares that modern horror films rely on; as this film takes the genre to an awkward and unnerving place audiences haven’t seen in a while. Instead of relying on tricks and gimmicks Hereditary is upfront in an unsettling way. The themes throughout the two-hour drama are often ignored in American cinema as they are very taboo. I enjoyed the film because it isn’t afraid to push buttons and be safe.

The acting was some of the best ive seen in a horror film. Toni Collette has such a unique look I could only see her playing Annie, the mousy matriarch. Every single cast member from Alex Wolff to Ann Downd gave the script the weight it needed to be pulled off in such a unique and terrifying way.

In a sea of “ok” summer movies Hereditary stands out for its ability to pull you in with its depravity. While the family surrounded by the mad and the macabre may seem like a tired story line this cast and director bring something so new and fresh that I want to be as ambiguous as possible so that your viewing will be filled with as much shockand confusion as mine.

I give Hereditary a 5 out of 5, I haven’t been as deeply affected by a film like this in a while. I analyzed it for days after and plan on watching it again before it leaves theater. The Oscar buzz is well deserved for such an exciting addition to the horror genre.

Written by Ahmad Wilson
Hosted by: Ahmad Wilson
Directed and Edited by: Eduardo Flores

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