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Game night is a comedy thriller about a married couple (Rachel McAdams and Jason Bateman) whose typical game night with friends goes awry when they mistake an actual kidnapping for a roleplay scenario.

I went into this film with low expectations. Despite finding an interest in the plot I feared that this would be another low brow comedy with all of its punchlines used in its trailer. I’m surprised to say not only did the film exceed my expectations but, it also had me applauding its perfect blend of thrilling and comedic moments.

Rachel McAdams was the stand out for me in this film. Her comedic timing was perfect throughout its entirety, so much so that I developed a new admiration for her skills as an actor. The ability to switch between dramatic and comedic roles with ease is not something most can do. Jason Bateman was great as well but, he failed to show me something new in this role. It seems as if he is stuck in the wise cracking awkward guy archetype. Bateman doesn’t miss a beat and is a perfect fit with McAdams despite not giving a surprising performance. The supporting characters in the film were able to keep up with the leads the entire time. I enjoyed the dynamic between the other couples, the film does a great job of giving the supporting characters a simple yet effective introduction.

The game theme plays a large role in the film in a very subtle and clever way. A lot of the exterior shots resembled a board game. My favorite shot took place in the beginning of the film when the two lead characters fell over, their heads turned into dice being rolled into the next scene. I enjoyed this shot because it established the level of campiness the film was going for right off the bat.

This film could have easily gone into the bin of other comedies with A-list actors and cameos but no pay off; Instead I was pleasantly surprised that Game Night was smart and strategic in its execution. The constant references to itself makes the jokes much more fun and easy to follow for the average moviegoer.

Game night deserves a solid B, the crude yet witty humor was enough to forgive certain corny or cliché moments. I applaud the effort put in to uphold the game night feel throughout the films entirety. If you are looking for something thrilling and funny this a film for you.

Written by: Ahmad Wilson

Hosted by: Ahmad Wilson

Edited by: Eduardo Flores

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