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Downsizing – Coog Cinema Reviews

Samantha De Leon and Kirby Carlock give their thoughts on Downsizing!

Synopsis- A social satire in which a guy realizes he would have a better life if he were to shrink himself

Samantha’s thoughts: For the most part Downsizing was original. And I’m Hollywood that is hard to find and so for that Downsizing gets a point. But for what it is I feel like the writer tried to convey a few too many messages in the script. Was the procedure to shrink yourself about saving the planet or saving yourself? The acting was fine, seemed like an easy work day for the actors other than Hong Chau, who did very well, at times she played the Vietnamese accent a bit too strong

Kirby’s thoughts: I’ll finish with saying that I believe there are two kind of movies in the world. Movies that entertain you like Spider-Man and Star Wars and movies that make you think like Downsizing, so would I recommend this movie, yes but just wait til it comes out on Redbox.

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