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Does Fast Color Break The Super Hero Movie Stereotype? – Coog Cinema Rapid Reviews

Gugu Mbatha-Raw plays Ruth, the daughter of a generational line of women who have the ability to decompose objects and shift them into other forms of energy.  The first several minutes of the movie show Ruth alone in a world full of people after her. The irony in this, she is still protective of the stranger she comes into contact with. Pay close attention to her epileptic seizures brought on by stress.  You’ll be surprised to find out the real source of this problem. Although Ruth is extremely careful about her interactions with people.  She still craved for sensuality and may have found it at a coffee shop. Or did she? This is when the climax of the movie takes place and the action begins to unfold. The movie was quite predictable though. This was my only con about it.  The pros about the movie were presented in her strength as a woman. Specifically an African American woman faced with many challenges in a world against her. I thought it was extremely cool that Code black films decided  to use an African American woman to reflect power and diversity. Overall I would give Fast Color a 7/10

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