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Did Shazam Electrify Audiences? – Coog Cinema Rapid Reviews

Shazam told the story of Billy played by Asher Angel, an outcast teenage foster kid who was given superpowers by a mysterious wizard. Once Billy says the magic words “Shazam” he turns into a electrically lightning powered adult played by Zachary Levi. Throughout the movie he discovers all his abilities with the help of “Freddy” his foster brother played by Jack Dylan Grazer. On that note, I am a huge fan of Jack in “IT” I really do like this kids acting skills. It was hard to recognize him at first, not because of the character he was playing but, I guess he’s just growing up. Shazam had lots of witty humor , mostly brought by Freddy. Overall Shazam is a great family film. Easy to relate to and understand. 9/10

Written by: Johnny Vazquez

Shazam had elements of diversity, positive foster parenting and re-homing outlooks, and offers a wild imagination to kids who may not believe in themselves. It is extremely empowering and a great way to motivate anyone. 9/10

Written by: Alexandria Brianna

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