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CURRENT UH Parking Project Updates

UH Parking & Transportation services released an update early in November detailing several parking projects currently being worked on including two new parking garages, a new surface lot, and a parking guidance system. The earliest project scheduled to be completed in May of 2019 is the brand new MacGregor Surface Lot. The lot will be located off of Martin Luther King Blvd and across from Bayou Oaks. According to Bob Browand, the lot is estimated to “add another 1,300 spaces.” The next project scheduled to be completed later that year in July of 2019 is parking garage 5. Browand also states that this garage “will be located near the architecture and law buildings” and “will bring an additional 2,400 spaces.” A year later in July of 2020, Garage 6 is scheduled to open between the East Garage and the Campus Recreation Center. This garage is anticipated to bring the most amount of additional parking spaces, currently estimated at 2,000.

In addition to adding new lots and garages, Parking & Transportation services also gave details about a parking guidance system they plan to implement first to the garages and eventually to the surface lots. The guidance system entails having lights installed above parking spaces with green lights indicating open spaces and red indicating occupied spaces. According to Browand, the intent of the system is to “save time for drivers by eliminating the need to weave through rows of parking to find the open spaces.”

When asked about the current parking situation on campus, one student said, “I find it to be really annoying. Especially because this is such a commuter school.” With regards to whether the addition of two new garages and a new surface lot would improve that parking situation at UH, another student said, “Definitely…more people can park and we need to keep expanding because our student population is growing.”

At UH News will continue to bring you the latest developments on Parking & Transportation services throughout the year. Stay tuned.

Written by, Kiyan Badkoubeh

Host: Branlyn Jones

Edited by: Skylar Rippard​

Filmed by: Steven Zakar & Skylar Rippard

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