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Coog’s Kitchen – Street Tacos

Hey hey what’s up everybody I’m back and so is Coogs Kitchen! On today’s episode, I am going to show you how to make TACOS! But, not your everyday Tex-Mex Tacos! We are going to take a traditional route!

Pre Cooked Fajita Beef (you can make your own, or you can sub with chicken or shrimp)
Tortillas (specifically white)
Queso Fresco

Start by dicing all of your beef and onions. Then take your beef to the kitchen and all you have to do it heat up. You can warm it up in the microwave by following the required directions on the package, you can stick it in the over, or you can heat the beef in a pan on the stove (what I’m doing). While that’s going on, you can warm up your tortillas in the microwave for 30 seconds and if they are still cold, you can just throw them back in for 15 second increments until they are heated through all the way. Once the beef is ready, let it cool and that will be a good time to mince your cilantro. When everything is ready, roll out your lime to get the juices flowing and slice it into quarters and set aside. TIME TO BUILD: First set down the tortilla, then spoon in your beef. Then, sprinkle some diced onions and cilantro on top. Next, take some of the queso fresco and crumble it on top. Finally, squeeze a little bit of that lime juice on top and it’s good
to go! Ole

Thank you for Watching! I am excited and blessed to be back! Awesome things to come! Stay tuned and stay hungry!

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