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Coogs Kitchen: Chicken Cordon Bleu

Well y’all, it’s been a crazy ride, but we finally hit the 10th episode mark for Coogs Kitchen! So for today’s episode we’re making chicken cordon bleu! This will be my opportunity to show you guys that fancy doesn’t have to be difficult!

Boneless Chicken Breast
Sliced Ham Lunch Meat (2 slices per chicken)
Sliced Swiss Cheese (2 slices per chicken)
Salt and Pepper

Gather all of your ingredients. Preheat the oven to 450°. Starting off with the chicken, place the meat on a flat, plastic covered surface, then place some plastic wrap on top of the chicken itself. With a meat tenderizer, or pan, or even a rolling pin, start flattening your chicken. If you want to get the job done efficiently , I recommend to not beat the chicken straight down, but with a rolling motion as you make contact to stretch it out. Once the chicken is nice and flattened, set it skin side down. Next, grab a slice of Swiss cheese and place it on the top half of the meat. Then grab another slice, and place it on the bottom half. Unless your chicken is gloriously huge, the cheese will overlap, so don’t worry if it does. Once you do that, do the same thing with the slices of ham. When the ham is on there, you can start rolling up your chicken. As you roll, pressing your fingers down on it will help make the process easier and will also help prevent ingredients from coming out of the chicken. When your chicken is rolled up, grab some toothpicks (normally 3 will do the job) and puncture it through the meat so it can stay secured. After that’s done, set the chicken aside, wash you hands thoroughly, and mix some flour, salt, and pepper in a relatively shallow bowl. When that’s ready, set your pan to a medium heat, and start melting some butter. The most you would need would be a table spoon. While the butter is melting, take your chicken and give it a very thin coating of the flour mixture. When you have, place it directly on the pan. [At this point it is an option to take out the toothpicks or keep then in. I removed the toothpicks at an early point because it helps cook the out side of the chicken evenly easier. And if you feel like the chicken is about to unravel, you can always reinstate the toothpicks.] You need to mark, or cook the outside of, the chicken, which will take about 2 – 3 minutes on both sides. Once the outside is cooked, place the chicken into the oven for about 15 minutes. Take it out. Cut it in half and bask in the glory of what you just created.

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