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Coog Cinema Rapid Reviews – Wonder Park

Wonder Park is a Nickelodeon animated movie. The movie begins by introducing all the main characters, witch makes it easy to understand the rest of the story. Everything is based on the imagination of a little girl named June.With the help of her mother she is able to create “Wonderland” where all her imagination becomes a reality. Wonderland is an amusement park full with crazy rides and games. There she gave her toys a special job around the park. (The park and the rides reminded me of that spy kids movie with all the cray rides and that one blond girl that has to get rescued from one of them) Tragedy hits this story when June’s mother gets sick and has to leave the house for treatment. Here is where the rest of the story unfolds. The story felt like it happened really fast. It last about one hour and thirty minuets. Maybe I got so entertained, but next thing you know I was out the theater. The is not many characters on this animation. My Favorite one is Junes Neighbor. Banky, he is the typical clumsy kid. He added a lot of the comedy to this movie. I enjoyed every character there was, like mentioned before there wasn’t many to really like of dislike. The animation was great. It was really vivid for it being a cartoon-ish “human” characters. A big thing for me is when the characters mouth, “it being human or animal” doesn’t move accordingly with the voice over. This movie is on point on that aspect. My favorite part of the movie was when June manages to escape the bus on her way to camp with the help of her little friend “the clumsy neighbor” and discovers what she once imagined to be Wonderland. I really enjoyed the little comedy this movie had overall. Around the theater kids were laughing, I believe they did a great job targeting kids sense of humor. The story itself is really heart touching. I will consider this a overall family movie because it hits every aspect of life, from childhood thoughts and experiences to adulthood moments and struggles.I believe this was my first Nickelodeon film and really enjoyed it.

Written by: Johnny Vasquez

Edited by: Stephany Sanchez

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