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Captain Marvel, should you see it? – Coog Cinema Reviews

The movie takes place In the Kree civilization and C-53, Hala jargon for earth. The aerial view of the city looked like a futuristic Tokyo Japan. Watching it in the IMAX theater I felt In the moment and almost as if I can breathe the air! Bree Larson was an excellent actor in Captain Marvel. She was extremely passionate in her role and it almost seemed as if she wasn’t acting at all. There have been a lot of critics on Bree Larson’s acting in the past but I personally enjoyed her in this role. I feel like she captured the essence of the character effortlessly. I’m looking forward to seeing her show up in Avengers: Endgame. I was extremely surprised to see Samuel L Jackson made his appearance in marvel as Nick fury a shield agent. Although at Samuel L Jackson has always played the same typical character he looked incredibly young in this movie from the CGI used in production. Which was a great look. I loved his character in the movie, he was definitely the center of comedy in the movie. Now typically I can call out the villain before It is revealed but I could not detect the real villain until the end of the movie and I think you guys will be shocked as well to discover who they are. The action scene toward the end of the movie, blew me away. Once again the IMAX theater boosted the experience of the film. As usual every marvel fan knows that at the very end you stay after the credits to see the glimpse of what’s next in the marvel world and captain marvels credits did not disappoint! I would give Captain Marvel a 9/10.

Written by Alexandria Brianna

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