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BREAKING: Instagram Account Under Investigation

Late Monday night, the instagram account belonging to Wenkun Zhang was made known to the police for disturbing comments and potential threats of violence. The account was first flagged by students of the University of Houston who claim the account also belongs to a student. On February 24, 2018 a post by the account stated:

“U guys want to know what the most f– up part? I can’t even call the cop LOL this is what oppression mean when ur rights are beefing violated and u have no one to go to for justice so I’ll just kill everyone -Derp”

The account, which has been made known to both UHPD and Fort Bend County Police, has not posted since February 24.

The UHPD made a statement on twitter that reads:

“UHPD has been contacted by concerned members of the UH community regarding an individual’s posts on social media. Thank you to the UH community for looking after each other and sharing your concerns. UHPD is looking into the matter.”

The UH Police Department stated that as of this time, all classes will continue tomorrow as normal, and that the case is an open investigation.

If you have any information about the student in question, please contact the UHPD at (713) 743-3333

last updated 2/26/2018 11:30pm


The UHPD has investigated the situation involving a former student, and the UHPD has investigated the incident and has determined that there is no threat to campus at this time. Classes will continue as normal.

last updated 2/27/18 9:10am

The Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office has responded to the incident, and given a statement on twitter:

“The alleged incident involving @UHouston has been thoroughly investigated by us as the subject resides here. There was NEVER a threat to any institution at all. In fact, the subject has been in the hospital since Sunday. There is no threat.”

All classes and campus functions are expected to continue as normal.

last updated 2/27/18 10:07am

If you have any tips or information about this story, let us know: [email protected]

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